The Awards are open to Nigerians resident in South Africa only.
  • The initiative / project/achievement which each individual is nominated for should have been implemented between June 2017 to July 2018 period.
  • The Awards Management may modify the eligibility criteria in the best interests of the Awards.
  • The Awards Management holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever.
Award Details
  • Unique ID number (UID) will be used to track your nomination. Keep this number handy when you need any information on the status of your nomination.
The first phase of the nomination process will close on midnight Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 and the second phase will close on midnight Tuesday, September 03, 2018. In the second phase, the applicant/nominee will be ask to submit more details and supporting evidence of his/her work.

Awards Management may not consider / be responsible/ held liable for nomination forms which are in incorrect format / without declaration / received late / corrupt or false information etc

Screening of Received Nomination/Application Forms
Awards Management will appoint experienced personnel to screen application forms to ensure adherence to the eligibility criteria, rules and regulations.

Completeness of Entries/Disqualification
  • Entry forms must be filled in English only
  • Nomination/application forms that are received incomplete in any manner may be disqualified by the Awards Management.
  • Applications may be disqualified if they do not follow any of the rules & regulations stated here-in.
  • Disqualification of entries received is at the sole discretion of Awards Management, on a case by case basis.
Application Information
  • If at any time, any information provided by any applicant/nominee is found to be false/misleading/incorrect in any manner, then the applicant/nominee will not be permitted to continue participation in the Awards.
  • Determination of whether the information is incorrect or not rests with Awards Management.
  • The Awards Management has the right to ask for proof of information provided / audit the information provided in the nomination/application form. If such a request is made and the applicant/nominee does not comply, the applicant/nominee could be disqualified from participation at the Awards.
Short-listing in each Award Category
  • At the end of Phase 1, nomination/application forms received would be collated under each award category for evaluation by personnel appointed by Awards Management.
  • Determination of the Award category to which an application belongs is at the discretion of Awards Management. Awards Management reserves the right to make the final judgment in case of any ambiguity in Rules and Regulations / disputes over suitability.
  • At the end of Phase I, there will be a selection of few nominees per Award category based on predefined evaluation parameters who will qualify for the final round.
Verification of the Information Provided in the Application/Nomination Form
  • The Awards Management will contact the applicant/nominee, if required, for any clarifications needed regarding the information provided in the application/nomination form and to conduct a verification of information submitted.
  • The Awards Management will make the best efforts possible to contact the applicants/nominee, but shall not be responsible if the person does not participate in or does not agree to the conduct of the verification, or are not contactable.
  • In the event that it is not possible to conduct a verification of the applicant/nominee for any reason beyond its control, Awards Management may, at its discretion, disqualify the applicant/nominee or continue in such other manner as deemed fit.
Determination of Winners
  • The Final Jury will score / rank the Nominees based on the nomination/application form submitted by them and a presentation made by the nominee.
  • There could be one or more winners in each award category, at the discretion of the jury.
  • The determination of who should receive an award for any Award category rests with the jury.
  • The Jury’s decision is final and binding on all nominees.
  • The Jury may also decide, in order to adhere to the standards of the awards, that there could be no Winner in a particular category.
  • Applicants/nominees understand and agree that merely by applying for these Awards does not entitle the applicant/nominee to any other form of consideration.
  • Decision of Awards Management on all matters is final and binding on all applicants/nominees and no correspondence will be entertained on the same.
  • Nominees and winners permit free of cost the use of their name and factual information about their application and entry(s) in the public media (for the build-up to the Awards, during the Awards ceremony, etc) and do not have any right to any revenues earned through intellectual property rights generated by the Awards, if any.
  • Applicants/nominees & winners permit The Nigerian Voice Newspaper as organizers of the awards to use the information provided by them in the application form(s) for promotional features about the Awards.
  • Additions, deletions and / or modifications to these Rules and Regulations are at the discretion of the Awards Management and the Awards Management may make such additions / deletions and / or modifications, at any time.
  • The Awards Management reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of the Awards at any time, and does not take the responsibility for any loss or damage that any person / organization / Applicant / Nominee may suffer as a result of the Awards being withdrawn or its terms amended.
  • The filing of the nomination form by the nominees/applicants would signify their acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.
  • If Applicants are unclear as to the rules or any element of the Awards or experience difficulties of any kind, they can write in their questions, problems or queries to the the award team via our contact details.
Starts: Friday 1st JUNE 9 am - Ends: Tuesday 31st JULY 2018 12 Midnight