The event; Nigeria’s 60th Independence Party and 4th Nigeria Community Excellence Award is a celebration to mark Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary, as well as the recognition and award of excellence within the Nigerian community, an appreciation of friendship with members of our host community in South Africa and special recognition of excellence in governance, business people and extra-ordinary Nigerians who have distinguished themselves.

The event now in its fourth (4) edition is geared towards opening up the Nigerian community to South Africans importantly and members of the African community in South Africa in other to encourage friendship, collaborations In all sectors and to encourage partnership in business and tourism.

Nigeria Independence Party and Community Excellence Award is an initiative created to encourage social cohesion, citizen to citizens interaction, as well as encourage cultural and educational exchange programs as a way of breaking down the xenophobic barriers causing disunity between citizens of Nigeria, South Africa, and other African nations.

The event is the biggest, most prestigious, most glamorous and the only major rallying annual event within the community as at now that brings together officials of the Nigerian Government from Nigeria, Nigeria High Commission and Consulate, members of Nigerian community in South Africa, representatives of Nigerian associations and corporate South Africa as well as South African citizens and members of African Diaspora, to interact, celebrate and award excellence as well as savor Nigerian-made entertainment, culture and cuisine. 

The awards were first organized in 2014 with headline sponsorship by Western Union an international organization, and the event was held at the Midrand Conference Centre, Midrand. 

Re-engineered in 2017 with headline sponsorship by Old Mutual Africa one of the biggest established international organizations in South Africa and operating in about 8 different African countries and in the United Kingdom. The award was held at the Encore Theatre, Hatfield, Pretoria. 

The 2018 Edition was glamour and class exemplified which surpassed all the successes of the previous two editions building on past triumphs and challenges. Again sponsorship was by Old Mutual Africa, Mama Money and other corporate organizations including the High Commission of Nigeria, Pretoria and the Consulate General of Nigeria, Johannesburg. It was attended by Nigeria High Commissioner, Nigeria Consul-General and all other top Diplomats from the High Commission of Nigeria and the Consulate General. In attendance were also the Ambassadors of Ghana and Kenya, as well as top executives from Old Mutual lead by its CEO of the Rest of Africa Mr. Jonas Mushosho and Regional CEO from West and East Africa. The venue was at Old Mutual Head office Auditorium: 1 Mutual Place, 107 Rivonia Road, Sandton. 

The 2019 Edition was held on Saturday 12th of October 2019 at the Brooklyn Theatre, and it was a turning point that occasioned a re-birth of inclusiveness as it brought to light the importance, significance, and power the event portends as an avenue to encourage unity and the necessity to open up the Nigerian community to South Africans and Africans in general.

The event was held a week after Nigerian President visited South Africa on an official state visit and in less than one (1) month after the September 2019 Xenophobic attacks on foreign black nationals which the Nigerian community suffered one of the biggest attacks ever during all the xenophobic incidences in South Africa, and at a period where every event has been canceled.

The 2019 Edition attracted sponsorship from one of the biggest Telecommunication companies on the Africa continent MTN who saw the strength, significance, and importance to support our demand to create an avenue for social cohesion, citizen to citizens interaction, cultural and educational exchange initiatives for citizens of Nigeria, South Africa, and other African nationals as a way to break down barriers of xenophobic attacks. MTN joined other corporate sponsors like Old Mutual Africa, Mama Money, AFA Financial Services, Olifants Rentals, and Branama Television to mention a few.

The 2019 Edition also got the endorsement of the Nigerian Diaspora Commission, Abuja alongside that of the High Commission of Nigeria and Consulate General of Nigeria, Illovo. The Diaspora Commission sent a representative from Abuja to attend the event in an official capacity.

The Nigerian Community Excellence Awards now in its fourth (4) year and with the introduction of the Independence Party to mark Nigeria’s Independence Day to the community awards will be a milestone achievement for the event, for Nigerian Community in South Africa and Nigeria as a nation because Nigerian Independence day is usually not celebrated in South Africa.

2020 is a significant year in the history of Nigerian nationhood. The year marks the sixtieth (60) anniversary of Nigeria as a country and in recognition of how passionate Nigerians are about the Independence celebration considering their patriotism and how widely celebrated it is by millions of Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora, It is definitely a perfect event to use to celebrate Nigeria-South Africa relationship, social cohesion, citizen to citizens engagement, as well as cultural and educational interaction. Below are other reasons and the importance of the event.

  • To identify, recognize, celebrate and encourage excellence within the Nigerian Community in South Africa.
  • The event will be the very first event by any Nigerian, Nigerian Association/Organization within the Nigerian Community in South Africa to foster unity, love, and friendship as well as appreciate South Africans who have/is collaborating/supporting/assisting Nigeria/Nigerians in South Africa.
  • To create an avenue for social cohesion, citizen to citizen interaction, educational and cultural integration between Nigerians and South Africans.
  • To create a Nigerian platform for talented Nigerians and South Africans in South Africa to showcase their talents and encourage entertainment, cultural and educational collaborations.
  • To create network opportunities and business partnerships by opening the door to the Nigerian community to Corporate Organization and business-minded South Africans.
  • To create a credible, prestigious and glamorous annual event for the Nigerian Community so as to change perceptions about Nigeria and Nigerians positively. 
  • To use the event as an avenue to break down the barriers and causes of Xenophobia and to preach unity and love.
  • To defeat the general stereotype that the majority of Nigerians in South Africa are into drugs and illegal activities.
  • Identify and honor outstanding role models that the younger generations can look up to as motivations for excellence.