The Nigerian Voice newspaper is a Nigerian Community Newspaper in South Africa which needs little or no introduction given its popularity and success stories within the Nigerian community and African Diaspora in South Africa. Among others things, we have sustained our free monthly prints run for over five years. 

Also, we have been able to properly inform people positively and changed perceptions about Nigeria and Nigerians in South Africa. We have also strengthened our relationship with the Nigerian government and decision-makers both in South Africa and Nigeria.
We have become a voice and representative of our community in a lot of government and private organized seminars, workshops and top corporate events in South Africa. This is a testament to our relevance not only in our community, but also in the media fraternity in South Africa.

Above all the publication has had the privilege to interview Presidents, Governors, Senators, Ministers, decision makers, Ambassadors, Diplomats and political leaders as well as great entrepreneurs. His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari - President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria granted the publication an exclusive interview during his two last official visits to South Africa to attend the African Union Summit and during the Forum for China-Africa conference (FOCAC). 

In the same light the Vice President of Nigeria His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osinbajo also granted the publication an exclusive interview during his last visit to South Africa. It is also important to state the appointment of the newspaper as media partners to the last Diaspora committee of Nigeria's Federal House of Representatives under the chairmanship of Hon. Abike Dabiri, now the Senior Special Adviser on Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This says a lot about the publications positioning and professionalism.

In recognition of how passionate Nigerians are about their country and based on how widely celebrated anything Nigerian by millions of Nigerians in the Diaspora, the Nigerian Community Excellence Awards is the newspaper’s annual flagship event. While it commemorates Nigeria’s independence as a nation, it also celebrates excellent achievements of individual Nigerians and corporate Nigerian entities in different fields of endeavors in the South Africa society. The need for the event is also necessitated by our commitment to encouraging and honoring leadership excellence and development initiatives.

The event is also inspired by our commitment to telling the Nigerian success stories in the Diaspora with specific focus on spotlighting Nigerians who are making positive impacts and contributing to the development of our community and that of the host community in general. The event is seen as an important communication tool to showcase the best of Nigerians in Diaspora and diverse Nigerian cultural heritage to our host society and the rest of the world. At the international front, it is aimed at bridging diplomatic gap between Nigerians and other nations in South Africa.

Finally, the need for the event is a necessity considering the increasing growth of the Nigerian Community in South Africa. This can no longer be over-looked considering the financial potentials it commands. Estimated records by the Nigerian Consulate in Johannesburg presently puts the Nigerian population at more than 400,000 with more still arriving as stated by the former Nigerian Consul General Okey Emuchey MFR. Other sources have been quick to state that the Nigerian population in South Africa is more than a million people. Nigerians all over the world are known to be passionate about their identity and patriotic to anything Nigerian, this astronomical population and hunger in taste for anything Nigerian has been a major reason that births this event.

The awards categories is 27, giving recognition to all important aspects of Nigerian's social and economic life in South Africa.