The Nigerian Voice Newspaper is a Nigerian community newspaper in South Africa registered and established in 2010. It is the only Nigerian community newspaper in South Africa as of today, and the only Diaspora community newspaper in South Africa using the name of its country of origin as its title.

Among our aims is to change the negative narratives about Nigeria by showcasing the positive side of Nigerians in South Africa and that of Nigeria by extension. 

We also promote the Nigerian culture, tradition, entertainment and musical talents through our platform and various events organized by us.

Some of our core objectives are to appropriately inform and empower the Nigerian community and friends of Nigeria in South Africa about happenings in South Africa and specifically within the Nigerian community.

Unfortunately, our millions of Nigerian brand ambassadors are like an ostrich who have buried their heads in the sand because of the collective shame brought upon them by a few parts of the whole. Our strengths are played down and our weaknesses celebrated beyond our borders. 

In response to address these issues from a media point of view, the Nigerian Voice Newspaper South Africa was birthed. Leveraging on the far-reaching and agenda-setting power of the media, we began to set our own agenda and telling Nigerian stories as we want it ought to be. We look for all that is beautiful in us to magnify in ways that tell the world; ‘we are not all bad’; “we are better than that”. We celebrate our heroes and their heroics.

Beyond this approach, we saw the need for leadership, social cohesion initiatives, the need for a citizen to citizens interaction, creating cultural and educational exchange programs among our community, citizens of the host nation and Africans, especially in South Africa. We are determined to raise a new generation of role models that we can hold up as worthy examples not just for the world, but for members of our community and the upcoming generation. We wanted to build our community; we want us to celebrate ourselves and spur one another on to greater and more good.  

Again, in response to these noble objectives, the Nigerian Community Excellence Awards event was created.

Nigeria and Nigerians have been unabatedly vilified and exemplified as examples of everything bad and corrupt. The few black sheep of the Nigerian family and their dishonorable activities have been and are continuing to be used to represent the whole of which are numbered winners, champions, and achievers in different great human endeavors in South Africa and globally. 

For over three (3) decades Nigerians have been migrating to South Africa, for many, South Africa has become home as they have integrated themselves into the South African society through marriage, education, employment, and various forms of investments.

In October 2013 former Nigeria High Commissioner to South Africa Ambassador Sani Yusuf in an interview with The Nigerian Voice Newspaper at the High Commission of Nigeria, Pretoria estimated that there are over three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) Nigerians living in South Africa.  Also in March 2014 the former Consul General of Nigeria Hon Okey Emuchay in a different interview with The Nigerian Voice Newspaper in his office at the Consulate General, Illovo collaborated what the High Commissioner to Nigeria had said in 2013 stating the same figure as the Nigerian population in South Africa.

Other unverifiable sources have argued that the figures are close to one million (1,000,000) Nigerians in South Africa.

The over-all strength and contribution of Nigerians in South Africa can no longer be overlooked. Nigerians have established themselves widely in the medical, educational, business and entertainment sectors with huge financial strength.

The immense potential waiting to be unlocked within the Nigerian community in South Africa by corporate organizations and business individuals is enormous. The huge population and financial strength is a potential market for different products and services.

Over the last seven (7) years the Nigerian Community in South Africa has suffered immensely from various forms of Xenophobic attacks on black foreign nationals and this has caused a severe dent in South Africa’s reputation world over and has also caused tensions between the Nigerian and South African government, as well as citizens of both nations. A situation that is not in the best interest of both nations and Africa as a whole.

The clarion call is upon government Departments and agencies, corporate organizations, medium-small scale businesses and citizens of both countries to begin to act so as to change narratives and unite citizens of both great nations.