The Nigerian Students Society is a registered society under the umbrella of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Pretoria, South Africa. The society aims at fostering the spirit of true nationalism and unity amongst Nigerians and other nationalities at the University of Pretoria, as well as collaborating with other universities in the country.  

The Nigerian Students Society has undertaken numerous activities and services for its members and the community. The Society visited the Sunnyside Orphanage Home, Sunnyside, Pretoria during Mandela day 2018 and painted the walls of the buildings of the orphanage, cleaned up the environment, and presented food items, books and toys to the children in the orphanage. The Society visited an Orphanage again during the Mandela Day 2019 and presented food items to the children and staff of the home. 

The society in collaboration with Peoples Island Restaurant, hosted a cooking class for both Nigerians and other nationalities to showcase the Nigerian cuisines on 8th August 2018. 20 people participated in the event.  

Africa Day, 21st September 2018 –  The Africa day event with the theme “Africaness: Telling the African Story”, was held to tell the Nigerian story. The event promoted and showcased the beauty and diversity of the Nigerian people, emphasized the role of women and youths in growth and development, and stressed the importance of a positive African narrative and propagate integration. The culture and creativity of Nigerians were displayed through cultural presentations, poetry, songs, dance, music, and cuisines. 

Thabo Mbeki Foundation Cultural Event, 09th March 2019 –  The members of the society participated in the event where they displayed the different cultural attires of Nigeria. It was held at Thabo Mbeki Foundation Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Leadership and Governance: Debate on 2019 Elections  –  The event was held to provide a platform to discuss leadership and governance, and share ideas on growth in citizens of Nigerians in diaspora. The event was facilitated by esteemed Professors and scholars of high repute at the University of Pretoria.
Achieving Excellence Seminar and Workshop 13Th April 2019 – The event brought together experts and past students of the University to share best practices on passing exams and managing academic stress. The workshop benefited more than 50 students at the University.

Movie Night, 17Th May 2019, at this event, the society showcased the Nigerian culture by selecting some movies that promoted Nigeria positively and shared this experience of being Nigerian with Fellow Students at the University. We had more than 60 students join us at the movie night.

The Society is the first country society to be represented at the  University of Pretoria Tuks Soccer league. In 2018, the society was voted the best student society by The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Pretoria. 

Under its student leadership, the society has been able to create a platform for Nigerian students, unite them and support every member through various programs like leadership program, wellness and sport activities, cultural activities and academic seminar and symposium as well as liaison with the Nigerian High Commission to South Africa authorities in Pretoria to resolve Study Permit issues.