NUSAWL is a group of Nigerian women and wives (Nigerians by marriage) who have seen the void created by the lack of participation of women in issues concerning Nigerians in the diaspora. In the two years of their existence, the group has been satisfying the hunger of providing a positive narrative to counter the negative narratives about Nigerians, especially in South Africa. NUSAWL visions include being a voice for the Nigerian women and wives in SA; to enhance the image of Nigerians in the diaspora; to promote the social, economic and educational development of the girl child and women in general; promote women affairs.

The League has identified and been actively involved in providing support to Nigerian orphans in SA. They have assisted and continue to assist community schools and study centres, such as the ithemba study centre in Yeoville, Johannesburg. The centre caters specifically for children of asylum seekers, who are of school age, but due to the legal status of their parents, are unable to get into the main stream education system. The women are Zimbabwean qualified teachers, who coach these kids and get them ready for high school. These children are from various countries in Africa, including Nigeria. Their economic situation is so bad that sometimes, the only meal they eat in a day, are those received at this study centre. 

Members of the league attend funerals and provide support to families who have lost Nigerian kids, and Nigerian kids who have lost their parents here in SA. For instance, the league is active in Soweto where they are supporting two Nigerian children who lost their widows' mom to cancer in June 2018. They also provide support to South African women whose Nigerian husbands have passed on.

In August 2018, the league held a Women's Conference for its members, during which female speakers in areas such as finance, legal, family relationships, health and entrepreneurship were taught and largely discussed, being areas largely affecting us all in SA.  Last year, the league joined the mother body to engage the Home affairs department in an attempt to find a solution to the problem of undocumented Nigerians in SA. In September 2018, the league started talks with a farm owner in Limpopo, with the aim of going into agriculture to help provide financial stability for members.

The League participates in radio talk shows to educate listeners about the good side of Nigerians they usually don't hear. The League has partnered with the Edenvale police department during heritage month for a fun walk against crime. During Youth Month last year, the league provided soup and sanitary materials to young homeless girls in Pretoria. The league helped one of the Nigerians detained for months in Rustenburg for an alleged public violence offence. We have offered moral support and continue to do so. The league continue to raise the plight of the widow of the Nigerian that was burnt to death during the Rustenburg crisis, and through our efforts, provided financial support to her and her two minor children. 

Every year, the league organises Christmas parties for the less privileged. In 2017, it organised and took orphans to Sandton for a Christmas party. ”