Nozipho is a South African lady from Bushbuckidge and Komatipoort. She works as an Immigration Officer for the Department of Home affairs. Having being raised by a Ghanaian stepfather, Nozipho has first-hand experience of understanding, loving and sharing the culture and diversity of West Africans whom she regards as her fellow human beings and fellow brothers and sisters.

“Before I was given a wrong perception, but as I grew up and made my choices I've grown too and accepted the other person overlooking nationality but humanity.”

Nozipho has suffered a number of bad treatments due to her association with foreign nationals. She was once detained by the police because she was mistaken for a non-South African. Sometimes, she adopted some of her West African brothers and sisters also treat me badly in retaliation for the poor treatment they receive from her fellow South African. “Somehow I always seem to 'Not belong' and always caught in the middle,” Nozipho laments. As a gospel artist with 5 albums, Nozipho has featured two Nigerian artistes in two of her albums. She has also used her knowledge of immigration matters to guide Nigerians to go through the right way without financial gain or breaking the Law. Nozipho has is proudly raising her son she had with a Nigerian man. She has not denied the child's Nigerian identity even though she is no longer with the father.