John is a Nigerian businessman based in Pretoria. John's journey in South Africa is an inspiration to many Nigerians.
He started with running errands on a bicycle, selling and distributing goods and providing services to Nigerians in and around Pretoria. John latched on an opportunity to car wash business through the largesse of a restaurant near Hatfield.

The business has grown over the last 10 years with branches around Pretoria. John's integrity and business acumen have also opened bigger doors for his company in the business of car wash that he now has a client base that includes multinationals and other established companies patronizing his car wash services. The business has become the first point of call for many Nigerians as place of job opportunities. The business also employs other foreign nationals as well. Many Nigerians who have spent time working with John have also ended up starting their own businesses. 

Apart from providing employment, John also offers zero interest to Nigerians needing money to start their own businesses. John is also passionate about Nigerians getting their immigration stories right in South Africa. He provides guidance to his workers and other Nigerians with regards to getting properly documented as soon as they arrive in the country. John also acts as a counselor to new Nigerians arriving for the first time in the country. He holds an informal orientation for many on the ways of life in South Africa and on how to be on the safe side of the law. His philanthropic activities are so noticeable that his workplace is the first place that many Nigerians will refer people for jobs and loan opportunities.