ONYINYE is a 23 years old aspiring Medical technologist living with her family in Johannesburg. She is currently studying at the University of Johannesburg pursuing a degree in Biomedical Technology. She is also in the process of completing her experiential training with the NATIONAL HEALTH LABORATORY SERVICES at the CHARLOTTE MAXEKE ACADEMIC HOSPITAL in Parktown.

 She describe herself as very outgoing, bubbly, very friendly but sometimes shy, resilient, motivated and adamant when she wants something, that usually works out in her favor because when she set her mind to do something she get it done at all cost. Being the first child of her parents has not been easy. “I had to grow up in behavior fast and start taking responsibility for my younger ones. I found myself been like a second mom to my siblings in no time and that motherly behavior goes with me everywhere, I always find myself taking care of people around me”.

Over the years, Anne has developed an interest in giving back to those less privileged around her, especially children. Some of her charity activities include visiting children's homes with items (loaves of bread, vegetables, and home-baked beans) and helping out with chores in the home. Along with her friends, Anne also runs a soup kitchen at a park in central Johannesburg. In 2018, Anne competed in the first-ever ADA IGBO (Miss Igbo) SOUTH AFRICA and was privileed to have been crowned the ADA IGBO. The event was organized by the HLC Igbo school founded by Mrs Jenny Amarachi Obi in association with Ohaneze Ndi Igbo in South Africa.  Since winning, Chinenye has tried to bring the Igbo children in the diaspora together by encouraging parents to take their children to the Igbo school and learn their language and become more familiar with their culture. She also established a platform for Igbo youths in the Diaspora to be able to communicate with each other and make time to meet with each other. “This allows us to be able to consolidate our language and culture among each other”, Anne said.