Siyanbola Olatayo Muyideen is based in Bushbuckridge, Nelspruit in the Mpumalanga Province. Bushbuckridge. Nelspruit where he works as Physical Sciences Educator and Head of Department of Physical Sciences and Natural Sciences at Alfred Matshine MSTA. Siyanbola has been involved in assisting slots Nigerians in Bushbuckridge by providing free accommodation Nigerians that need accommodation in the house until they are able to fend themselves. He has also been instrumental in helping a lot of qualified Nigerians to get employment in Department of Education Mpumalanga Province. Siyanbola single-handedly founded the Mpumalanga chapter of Nigeria Community Bushbuckridge in 2015 and the association has remained strong since then.  Siyabola spearheaded a protest letter to the SAPS, Home affairs, Magistrate, Bushbuckridge Municipality alongside two other comrades when other Africa nationals were soiling Nigerian name by perpetrating bad stuff and they were all arrested! 

Sinyabola helps to unite and bring all Nigerians in Bushbuckridge together by organizing Ileya festival for all Nigerians in Bushbuckridge on a yearly basis. He has also single-handedly bailed 3 Nigerians out from prison in the last one year.