Rekiat Aifereomoh Okpe, popularly known as Rekky is a self-made businesswoman based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Rekiat holds a Bachelor of Science, Geography and Regional Planning from the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. Rekiat's journey in South Africa commenced when she arrived in the country on 27th November 2004, in search of greener pastures with just a $100. It was not smooth sailing as she had no support, except sheer determination and the spirit of never yielding, even in the face of defeat, helplessness and hopelessness. She had to scratch her way up working in a salon on Corlett Drive as a hairstylist.   Her creativity impressed the owner, who saw what she had done with a friend's hair that had come to her salon to fix her nails. 
Rekiat's first breakthrough came when she was hired by her salon owner having being impressed with her her creativity. She would later be head-hunted by her former boss Lydia, who offered her better working conditions and a better salary. To augment her income, Rekiat took on a second job at St. John School as a Caregiver in the hospitals. She left St. John and established a legitimate hairdressing business.

After 2 years, she had saved up enough capital to rent a work station in a salon in Rosebank Mall and also registered Rekky's Signature Hair n Nail Studio in 2007, as a close corporation (cc) for R340.00. Inspired by experience from one of her trips to China (where she stock high-quality hairpieces for her salon, Rekiat developed interest in hospitality business. With almost zero finance from anywhere, Rekiat worked tirelessly for 11months, building and converting her personal home into what is today Rekky's Signature Guest House. Rekiats' chain of businesses includes Rekky's Signature Guest House, Rekky's Signature Salon and Rekky's Signature Organic Products.