OLUWASEUN OGUNDIYAN, known as DJ BIGGIE started his journey into the world of "Disc Jockey" in Lagos, Nigeria at a tender age but he still managed to complete his education in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Ibadan.

 DJ BIGGIE is known for taking the raw, edgy music from the streets to the high-class clubs, Roadshows, Parties, and concerts. DJ Biggie has played in clubs like Black pearl. Club 10, K's Place, Red lounge and XQ Lounge. He has been able to spread his tentacles of skills across Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town (clubs and corporate functions). DJ Biggie has played at known venues like Vip Lounge, Cocoon (Sandton), Vanity, Moloko, Harem, Sankayi Sandton. His ability to mix different genres of music has landed him opportunities to render live sessions on-air and he has played at CITY FM (105.1) and TSHWANE FM (Pretoria). DJ Biggie is currently resident at Blueroom (Hatfield) and hosts the popular "I DEY Tuesday"; a night that allows a comix of Afro cultures with Afrobeat/Afropop being the major genre of music played on the night. DJ Biggie was nominated as BEST STREET DJ AND CLUB DJ at ASEAWARDS 2019 alongside other popular DJs in South Africa.