DR. Frank Orji is a proudly Nigerian entertainment professional and businessman based in Johannesburg. Dr. Frank is also the founder and CEO of the Africa Academy of Cinematic Arts (Pty) Ltd. He is also a cinematographer, singer/recording artist, song-writer and music producer.


As a creative, Dr. Frank plays multiple musical instruments: Drums, Keyboard, bass, etc.  With doggedness, Dr. Frank through sheer determination and vision built high-end studios from nothing. His company Goldtape Studios  has produced contents for different clients, companies and individuals from all over has produced content for different clients, companies, and individuals from all over Africa. As a songwriter and a music producer, he has worked with various artistes from Nigeria and South Africa and other parts of Africa on both video and audio promoting African Music. One of the major highlights of Dr. Frank's career and his share of contribution to entertainment business from Nigerian perspective is the establishment of its academy- AACA- a fully accredited training institution currently employed 20 staff members both full and part-time.


The academy provides exclusive training in film production and screen acting aspiring filmmakers especially young people. AACA prides itself on its value proposition of taking youth off the streets and giving them skills that empower them to be employers themselves or be employable.