Glory Ojesanmi is a 12th grade Nigerian student at the Lycée Jules Verne / International French School in Johannesburg. She is a young scholar and language activist passionate about language preservation especially among African Diaspora in South Africa.

Glory’s special story centers around her academic excellence; her mastery of the French language and ability to impact knowledge into others. Armed with her fluency of the French language and in partnership with Alliance Francaise and the National Council of Congolese for Development, Glory embarked on language education and preservation project through her French class where she tutors children of Francophone immigrants in Johannesburg. 

“Many francophone children lose their language as they immigrate to South Africa as the only french institutions could only be dreamed about by them because the exorbitant prices, however since I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend such an institution and fluently speak French, I have chosen to share the language by creating a French Class for these children…” Glory writes.

Glory is not just a young scholar, she is also passionate about community development through her many fundraising initiatives targeted at helping the needy. “I have helped to organised fundraisers for my school numerous times to raise money for the needy and I dedicate my time to helping the less fortunate though I am not at the top, I have chosen to lead from the back.”

Glory is also a good speaker; a gift that has earned local and international recognition. Her oratory power and astute mind afforded her the opportunity to represent South Africa at the UN in Kenya and the UNESCO in Paris both in 2017 where she spoke at conferences and got an internship with Orrick in Paris.

Glory is an author, aspiring journalist and promising publisher. She initiated the publishing of a digital magazine- Neoptimiste Mag- alongside other students around the world to expose some realities that are hidden from young people of her age. Her novella titled in French as “Soutane Hybride" has been acknowledged by the Prix du Jeune Ecrivain. In the book, Glory uses her writing skill to address certain realities that women experience around the world.

“ I believe that skills are not only to be put to use but also to share with others and I have done so by being involved in my school and helping younger students to speak in front of crowds,” Glory speaks.