Miss ADAEZE OGECHI Ugwu is a 10 years old Nigerian girl. She is a grade 4 learner at the Crawford school Pretoria. Adaeze is a writer, an art illustrator and a published author.

Adaeze has made an outstanding contribution to the African literature, in addition to other outstanding academic performances. It is important to note that Adaeze only commenced formal classes in English literature when she started grade four this year. However, prior to that, she had contributed to the literary world by writing a book which many consider a masterpiece. Her first book, "The Duck Who Thought It Couldn't Swim" was published when she was nine years old, by the Author house publishers, in the United Kingdom. In the words of the publishers, Ada was the youngest person they had ever published his or her book. In the book, Ada shares an inspiring story of courage, and the ability to overcome fear.
In September, 2017 Adaeze was also awarded with merit on entry level awards, in graded examination in speech and drama by the Trinity College, London.