Opeyemi Odutemowo is a physicist, researcher and postdoctoral fellow at the Physics Department of the University of Pretoria. Opeyemi was awarded PhD in Physics at the young age of 29.

As an academic researcher, Opeyemi is passionate about solving the problem of power generation across Africa especially Nigeria, while specializing in the area of nuclear materials with emphasis on the problem of nuclear waste storage and management. 

Opeyemi has engaged in a number of extensive research works result of which have been published in several peer reviewed journals. They have also be presented at several local and international conferences. Notable among the conferences is the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) conference where she was awarded best presentation by a PhD student in Applied Physics. Opeyemi has to her credit over 10 publications that has been published in peer reviewed journals.

Opeyemi was recently awarded TWAS-DFG postdoctoral fellowship to carry out research at the Friedrich Schiller University, Germany.