Miss Charity Erhunmwense Aigbekaen is a young Nigerian lady, a South-African trained lawyer, an academic, Legal Adviser, a businesswoman and a Master Degree candidate at the University of South Africa.

Charity is currently doing her Master degree in Public, Constitutional and International Law focusing on the research topic: How to effectively Increase Nigeria Women in Politics. Outside of her law studies, Charity runs a law tutorials center and offers free legal advice to clients.

Charity is passionate about fighting discrimination against Nigerian students in various universities across South Africa. She encourages female voices to speak out and be heard, and challenges young people to participate in creating a change in their communities. She is actively involved in the development of Nigeria Community in South Africa. She is a strong member of the Niger Delta Association. She is one of the youngest women voted into the Executive of the Nigeria Union Women League as its Assistant Secretary. She is also the Vice-President of the National Association of Nigeria Student South Africa. 

Charity has received rare recognition from the University of South Africa for her Moot Court and Street Law Program which educates people in rural communities about the law and their basic human rights. In April 2018,  Charity was one of the brain box behind the ‘one of its kind’ and successful bringing together of Nigerian students from all parts of South Africa for an  interactive event with the former Nigeria High Commissioner to South Africa, Ambassador Musa Ibeto.