Dr Olusola Charles Agbeniyi is a Private Dental Practitioner, Businessman and Public Health Specialist. He is also the Vice-President apex Pan Yoruba Group- Association Of Yoruba's In Diaspora, South Africa (AYIDSA). He has a Bachelor of Dentistry Science from the University of Ibadan, Dip.Odont (University of Pretoria), PDD clindent (University of Western Cape) and Msc. Odont (University of Pretoria).

Dr. Agbeniyi has practiced dentistry in both private and public sectors in Nigeria and South Africa. He is the Director of Poca Investment Pty Ltd and Co-Director, Patient Safety and Global Support Initiative Southern Africa. Dr Agbeniyi is the Local Coordinator, Nigeria Conversation, South Africa since 2014. He has served as a Board of Trustee member of the Nigeria Union. He has won awards for his professional services, leadership and many contributions to community development such as: 

  • South African Division, International Association for Dental Research.
  • Community Based Competition, Best Paper Presented In 2011.
  • Nigeria Conversation; Recognition Award; Nigeria Centenary Edition- Pretoria -2014.
  • Yoruba Indigene Foundation; the Order of Odua Distinguished Omoluabi. Special Recognition Award In Recognition of Immense Contribution To The  Yoruba Culture And Heritage In Diaspora South Africa- 2016
  • Tamvaas Awards 2017. Best Dentist Of The Year
  • Nigeria Union Of Journalist (NUJ), Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria,SW.
  • Distinguished Personality Award In Recognition Of The Upliftment and Promotion Of Yoruba Culture and Heritage 27th June,2018.